S5 E04 Scaling Methodically and marketing your business

Successfully Chaotic
Successfully Chaotic
S5 E04 Scaling Methodically and marketing your business

In this episode, Maria Daniels is joined with David M Somerfleck, a digital marketing specialist. Daivd shares how marketing and business is related to your personal journey.

David is a a digital marketing specialist and author. He’s been in marketing for over 20 years! David helps committed business owners and premium service providers expand into new markets while getting more done in less time!

In this episode, David will share the chaos he experienced balancing multiple careers from being a copywriter to a web developer and a project manager.

As well as the importance of providing value to your customers and helping business owners become aware of the growth the is there for them.


A message from David:

“Growth is there for you, as easily to obtain as a grape from a tree, but it’s the need for control, to appease fears and insecurities, to withhold, fear of success, and largely lack of information that makes businesses fail, not circumstances, not the economy, not even pandemics.”


David’s Website : https://dms.blue


Link to David’s book: “The Road to Digital Marketing Profits: A new way for getting real results faster and easier – while avoiding common road blocks and detours business owners make.”



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