S5 E02 Learning from the journey of a single special needs father

Successfully Chaotic
Successfully Chaotic
S5 E02 Learning from the journey of a single special needs father

John Felageller is a single dad to his teenage son that has special needs, a teacher, writer, blogger, speaker and a man of faith. In this episode, John shares with Maria the challenges of being a single dad, learning to balance life after separation, and the resources he’s built and currently works with to be there for other fathers like himself. 

Maria shares the challenges of having a special needs child and going to family functions, something that usually isn’t a struggle in some ways for most parents. They discuss common moments of making sure their children are taken care of should anything happen to them as a parent.

John will be participating in the Wonderfully Made Disability Conference taking place online from October 25 – 29, 2021. 


Learn more about John: https://johnfelageller.com/

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